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Who doesn´t want to be aware of the magic that surrounds us and is within us every day? I believe we all deserve to live an authentic, balanced and wholehearted life without too much of a struggle.

I´m here to help you release the tension inside of you and to help you find your full potential within. Through wholehearted life coaching, wholehearted Massage therapy and wholehearted Voice therapy I help you build the bridge between mind, body and soul. All of these are always imbedded in mindfulness, spirituality and higher awareness.

My purpose is also to help companies create a healthy company culture in order for the employees to thrive fully and for companies to work effectively with their Employer Branding.

I do believe we are in need of higher awareness to find the ability to live more wholehearted, not only to be able to create a world we all can be proud of, also to realize our true purpose in life and see the magic that surrounds us and is within us every day. Together and in many different ways we can make the change we need to create a sustainable and conscious society.

I will help you with…




Wholehearted lifecoaching

Find your true purpose and make the change you need in order to live an authentic, meaningful and abundant life. 

If you stand infront of a challenge it is often required that parts of ones mindset need to change. As a personal life coach I help you in doing so and I focus on how you can step by step form the life you want to live. 

Wholehearted massage therapy

In the healing massage therapy I combine swedish classical massage with Reiki for a holistic and healing experience. The goal is to always release physical tension and emotional blockings for a higher well beeing and for a life with less stress. This is an effective method for companies as I can coach their employees through stressful times and when is needed.  

Wholehearted Voice

In wholehearted voice coaching you get more connected to your inner power, learn how to take control of your voice either in speech or in singing.

You will learn speaking techniques to improve your presentation skills and how to express yourself better. You will also learn different singing and voice exercises to improve the quality of your voice. More about voice or Singing see below and read more.

What does people say about Caroline

”Kan varmt rekommendera Caroline! Jättebra massage som hjälper mig att slappna av både fysiskt och mentalt, mycket proffsigt och med fingertoppskänsla!”


”Hjärtligt och proffsigt bemötande! Fräsh, mysig och harmonisk lokal och framförallt en helt magisk behandling som fick mig att sväva hem efteråt!”

Anna Essle

Caroline är genuint intresserad av vem du är och vad du vill få ut av livet. Hon ser möjligheter och lösningar. Jag gick därifrån med en känsla av att det går att fixa.”


”Ett mycket varmt bemötande och fantastiskt bra massage. Att uppleva avslappning både via rätt andningsteknik och få en så engagerad massage är en upplevelse utöver det vanliga. Kan verkligen rekommendera Carolines Bodyvoice där hon ger dig mycket varm livsenergi och trygg massage!”


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