My wisdom and education

I am very interested in sustainable development and how we all are responsible for creating a sustainable society as well as a sustainable lifestyle. To develop businesses, society and humanity toward higher awareness and peace are and will always be my highest purpose. I have a BA in development studies/peace science, studies in Journalism & media, Research about Consciousness. I have gained experience throughout the years in both personal development and in a vast range of courses including Life coaching, Massage therapy and Reiki. Furthermore, I have also many years of both taking and giving singing lessions, and I am educated at the Jazzschule, School of jazz in Luzern. However, most importantly of all are my unique life experiences that have showed me the wisdom we all carry deep inside of us.

The core values I work from is:


”Everything I do at Bodyvoice has to do with higher consciousness and become more aware in life”


”Life is about balance and everything I offer at Bodyvoice is in order for you or the company to get more balance and harmony in life.”


”Its about your or the employees physical or mental health and/or improve your personal development and skills within voice and communication. It´s always about progressing and improve to feel better with yourself and your life.”

Positive Change

”It should not only take you or the company to a positive change in life, a positive change of your mindset, it should always also be a positive and fulfilling experience the moment you enter or cooperate with Bodyvoice.”

My spiritual journey!

Even though I always managed to adapt to our society with a bit limited norms, I wanted something else in life. I was always searching for different answers than what we learned in our capitalistic system. I moved abroad when I was 19 and traveled, lived, healed and worked for over 11 years. It was truly a soul urge inside of me I needed to examine through living it and expressing it, in every way it was needed.

I did have a lot of deep wounds that created obstacles for me in my life. My emotions became my biggest enemy until I found a way to handle them and truly feel and express them until they were released in one way and accepted in another. It was a huge emotional and mental transformation through many years of selfhealing. The knowledge about how our thoughts are forming our life and how we can learn how to reprogram them to form the life we want is essential. My spiritual awareness was with me from early years and I was searching for something deeper inside myself, call it the truth or to me it was about in touch with my soul, my music always helped me with that. 

Me and the creativity in my life.

My music and my inner journey became my common thread through life. It was nothing I needed to find out or ask myself why, it was the life I created by trying to live an authentic life. I always used creativity as a tool for my own well being. All ready since childhood I was singing and playing the piano, just because it made me feel good inside. When I was 8 I started to dance and kept on with that my whole youth, just because it made me feel good.But it was with my voice and through singing I kept on expressing myself and my inner emotions. I went to jazz school for better skills in order to work professional with music. My music represents my inner deepest truth and is natural imbedded in my lifestyle. 

Enjoy the best of the mental and the physical world together

I had a lot of interesting experiences with energy all ready in my early years and the connection to other people fascinated me and still does. As much as the science and my years at the university occupied my mind, I started to see how we needed to build the bridge between mind and body. To connect our intellectual side and strive for education and career and still be connected to our spirituality and body. 

Through massage and reiki I got to know the power of our energy and started to understand how it is all connected to our physical and mental health and also to the universal energy. That together with my knowledge about how music and creativity also can heal our own wounds gave me my method in helping others. I have made my journey to a more conscious road in order for me to help others on their wholehearted journey. Because its truly worth it when you finally reach the release you´ve been looking for, it´s pure freedom and clearness inside.