Enjoy Wholehearted coaching

Find your inner desire and strengths that will help you make the change you need in order to live a wholehearted, balanced and meaningful life full of magic. You might stand infront of a challenge in life and you need to find a new or different perspective. You can never change your surrounding you can only change how you deal with it in a different way. That´s when change will come.

You are maybe in need of expressing yourself in a more creative way, you are most likely in need of expressing everything inside of you to feel complete. As a coach I focus on your higher awareness in order to bring out the authentic, creative you. We will also focus on the creative principle of thought which can help you create the mind shift you  need. You will reach your inner power and build up your self esteem and step by step create the life you want and deserve to live. I help you do this by:

1. defining what you want and your inner desire. 2. defining limited beliefs and self awareness. 3. Creating the mindset that will help you take you to where you want to be or to whom you want to be. 4. Tools to be able to start act towards your goals. 5. Release your creativity and the potential in you.

Enjoy wholehearted massage-therapy

In the wholehearted massagetherapy I combine swedish classical massage together with Reiki for a more healing experience. The goal is always to release physical tension and emotional blockings that is holding you back from living Wholehearted and Soulful life where the body is free from pain.

I work with all chakras in your body and will also give balance to your energy-body. During the massage I give guided energy clearings, mindfulness and powerful affirmations when needed, that will lead you clooser to your spirit and in order to relaxe more.

But as much as I focus on your energybody I focus on your physical body in order for you to release all the muscular tension, release headache or migraine and get rid of the tension in order for your body to be free from stress or pain. 

Enjoy your wholehearted Voice

Your authentic voice is an important tool that is representing who you are. It´s a part of your personality and we all resonate different with different voices. That´s why its so important to get to know your own voice and feel comfortable with it and make the best out of your authentic voice. And who doesn´t want to be a better speaker?

In the voice coaching you learn how to take control of your speaking voice, be more comfortable in your presentations or wherever you need to use your voice.

You will learn 1. different speaking techniques and voice exercises to improve your voice. 2. Breathing and support exercises. 3. You will overcome nervosity or different challenges in your way of communicating and 4. G et more connected to your inner power and your inner voice.

Enjoy singing in the masterclass of SoulVoice.

For you who are all ready a singer or you feel the urge to start to get to know your singing voice. Depending on what level you are you will improve your singing skills. I do this by teaching you:

1. Breathing exercises and support, finding your inner power. 2. rhythm and movements 3. warming up and voice exercises 4. scales and harmony 5. building up your repertoire.

And this is not only fun and totally brings you closer to your inner power, it´s also full of discipline and makes you more professional in your way of singing!

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